Monday, June 15, 2009



Tahun : 2005
Warna : Merah
STNK : Baru perpanjang sampai April 2010
Km : 18.000
Mesin & Body : Orsinil (original)
Modifikasi : Shock Breaker baru
Pemilik : Tangan pertama atas nama pribadi
Dokumen : Lengkap
Harga : Rp. 7.000.000 (Tujuh Juta Rupiah) Nego
Daerah : Ciputat Tangerang Jl.Kampung Utan
Plat : B
Hubungi : 0817143439

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Looking for Businness Invesment in Yogyakarta?


Tipe : Tanah dan Bangunan
Lokasi : Jl. Parangtritis Yogyakarta Jawa Tengah
Luas : 1576 m2
Bangunan : 2 lantai (1.5 lantai dari keseluruhan total luas tanah)
Harga : Rp. 2.650.000.000,- Nego
Guna bangunan : Ex galery handycraft (kerajinan tangan) & furniture
Lokasi : Yogyakarta Jawa Tengah
Dokumen : lengkap
Sertifikat : SHM (Sertifikat Hak Milik)
Lain-lain : Juga di jual sisa stock barang harga 30.000 USD
Hubungi : 0817143439

Cocok untuk usaha restaurant, galery, penginapan, kos-kosan, perkantoran/ruko, dll.


Do you like to invest or open a businness in Yogyakarta? We will help you to get a good location with a good price.

Type : Land and building
Location : Parangtritis Street Yogyakarta Java Indonesia
Size : 1576m2
Building : 2 floors (1.5 floor from total land)
Price : Rp. 2.650.000.000,- Negotiable
Building : Ex gallery of handycraft and furniture
Documentation : SHM
Others : Also Sale Stock galery for 30.000 USD
Contact Person : +62 81802699727 or +62 817143439

Sunday, April 26, 2009



A site, provides serves all product of Indonesia for export. We are capable of supplying board spectrum of products are made by manufacturers who use finest and high quality materials. We also supply all Indonesian products that has become the most preferred choice of the present generation.

GERINDO is a supplier in global market business to exports Indonesia products to the whole world. GERINDO will help you to find any kind of products and services which is the real and original products of Indonesia with reasonable price as well.

Find here: The Indonesia product including;

- furniture
- fosil stone
- handicraft
- garment / fashion
- paper product

- souvenir
- accessories
- carving product (wood & stone)
- home interior decoration
- home exterior decoration
- antiques product

Mobile : +62817143439 (Indonesian Contact person)
Mobile : +6281802699727 (German Contact person)


For more information, please contact us in :


Mobile : +62817143439 (Indonesian Contact person)
Mobile : +6281802699727 (German Contact person)
Email :

We will give you information with the catalog and the pricelist after we get your email.

Thank you


Paymet & Order

  • The order has to be fully paid in advance (including shipping cost) before leaving our premises.
  • Backorders: A payment of 50% is required so that the order is processed. The remaining 50% plus shipping cost must be fully paid in advance before the shipment.We accept payment with Western Union and transfer our Bank account. All orders are shipped.
  • As we stated earlier our minimum order is $1000.00 US/EURO....../Rp....... We would require a 50% deposit to begin the order and upon completion the other 50% to ship and release the documents.
  • Charges for miscellaneous related cargo expenses, for example trucking, documentation, fumigation, packing, quota visas, etc, are added to your invoice.
  • Order processing with us is simple: just type your order up on Excel sheet or an e-mail us and we will run it though our database, confirm pricing back to you .
  • For some products need production time for all products range from 3 weeks –8 weeks depending on the size your order .We will happy to advise you more specifically after we see your order.

Five ways to ship

  1. LCL Sea Cargo (less than a container - charged per cubic meter)
  2. 20' Container (30 cubic meters)
  3. 40' Container (60 cubic meters)
  4. 40' High Cube Container (72 cubic meters)
  5. Air Cargo

Customs Brokers

One of your responsibilities to yourself is to get on the phone and talk with about five or six customs brokers (or however many necessary) and shop their pricing. You'll see that the pricing will be all over the place. My personal experience is that you have to bargain with a customs broker the same way you would bargain with a used car salesman.

Anyway, once you have a broker, it's his or her job to handle all the paperwork that we send, clear your shipment through your customs, settle any duties necessary and so on.

Your customs broker is also a good person to recommend the most cost-effective way of moving your shipment from the port to your front door (remember, we're charging you only for delivery to your nearest port. Our responsibility stops there and yours begins.)